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Everything you need to know about Vitruvian triad

Why do modern designers and general contractors pay attention to the ancient Vitruvian triad, when their entire work is based on reusing the old building material and minimalism? Modern architects have to follow the rules over introduced 2000 years ago, according to Architecture and Design, the reason is that ancient rules are still applicable for the construction of a good building. Here we have everything you should know about Vitruvian triad.

What is Vitruvian triad?

The Vitruvian triad was given by an ancient Roman architect and critic Vitruvius. His work includes all the important things that should be considered during the construction of the building by a general contractor. From location to selection of material everything should be perfect in order to construct a desirable building. No doubt his teachings have been upgraded by modern architecture but principles are essential.

Three principles of Vitruvian triad:

At Vitruviuss not only is it a part of our culture to follow these important principles but it is also embedded within our logo. The important principles for a good architecture are:

1. Firmatis

It means strength. The building should have a strong infrastructure so it can stand robustly through years. It should be in an excellent condition.

2. Venustatis

It means beauty. The architect of a building should be attractive and appealing for people. Building should not only delight the visitor but also raise their good spirits.

3. Utilitas

It means functionality. A building is functional for the residents or the people who are using it. It should be useful and beneficial.

What does Vitruvian triad teach us?

There are various important things that architects have learned from the Vitruvian triad. That is why its rules are still respected and applied even in modern architecture. Here are a few things that we have learned from this triad.

Attractive architecture

The modern buildings are very attractive and appealing. The architect and general contractor make sure that design is unique and different from all other buildings around the world. That is why you can come across many wonders around the world which have been constructed following the triad. Even the residential and commercial projects which will be completed in a few years have special designs.

Minimalistic but highly functional

We all know that modern architectural designs are based on minimalism. However, these designs are highly functional and meet the requirements of the people. They cover less space and provide more room to live. These designs are comfortable for residents and easily manageable.

Improved durability

The most important rule of triad is to assure that buildings are durable. There is a huge variety of building materials available that makes building withstand even some of the toughest calamities. As well as experts are working making building materials more comfortable like insulation materials to keep home cool during summer and warm during winters.

Final thoughts:

General contractors and architects pay extra attention to the Vitruvian triad while designing the building. They assure that no mistakes are made during the process whether it is a blueprint on the paper or computer screen. That is why it is a common belief that buildings constructed on the principles of triad are the best.

If you're looking for an Architect, Designer or General Contractor that will carry out your project with these principles then Contact Vitruviuss Today.

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