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Vitruviuss is an emerging Houston-based design-build firm invested in the safety, quality, and punctuality clients come to expect. We are led by two partners whose combined experience covers over 13 years in design and construction. The commitment to our core values has made Vitruviuss the ideal building partner for the region’s most forward-thinking organizations. Our team has one common goal in mind: Produce beautiful structures that stand the test of time. We want the client to be proud of the project they own and operate. 



Our company name, Vitruviuss, was derived from the late Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. Vitruvius was a Roman architect and engineer from the first century whose most famous work, De Architectura, describes some of the most fundamental construction processes and designs. These processes provided a foundation for a multitude of construction innovations moving forward. Our company slogan "Strength, Functionality, and Beauty", is derived from the Vitruvian Triad "Firmitatis, Utilitatis, Venustatis" which we believe to be a great representation of what Vitruviuss is striving to provide for its' client's.



Have honesty, integrity, and respect in everything we do.

Provide a safe work environment.

Provide a personable and memorable experience.

Ensure client satisfaction in all aspects of construction even well after the project is complete.



Vitruviuss consists of a team of designers and builders with a diverse background of construction experience and we'd like to give a brief insight on who we are. Our lead design project manager has a broad spectrum of  experience working in the construction and design industry. He has successfully handled hospitality, retail, and multi-family. Our lead procurement manager has procured $43 million with experience in commercial and hospitality and has worked previously in the residential market for the South Houston region.


Feel free to contact our team with any questions you may have for your upcoming projects. Our goal is to develop long-lasting relationship with industry clients and firms to provide value across all aspects of what we do.

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